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Elden Ring (Spoilers)

Ziggy - 2022-03-24

So I've been playing Elden Ring for about 120 or so hours after it came out, and my goal was to eventually get all achievements. Game has been pretty fun, though there have been portions that really infuriated me. Malenia is one example, on first playthrough it took me so many attempts to beat her, that was until I realized I could just power stance two big weapons, I specifically used two curved greatswords, so when I faced her one last time alongside the mimic tear she just ended up being stunlocked for the longest time. Going into NG+ I used the same tactic with great success, but holy fuck is her super fast attack is nasty.

Anyways I ended up getting the rest of the achievements tonight, Elden Beast was a bit tedious because it keeps going far away from you so you have to run after it. All in all I would definietly recommend Elden Ring.