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Ziggy - 2022-11-28

One eternity later I come out with a new post on this god forsaken blog of mine.

Life once again

I've struggled with depression for years, nothing new really, been feeling a bit blue lately again and I also ended up catching covid. I haven't really done much these past few months, just the same old, sitting on my ass being a lazy bum consuming different media.

In October I tried hyping my friends up for a halloween party but it seemed that no one was really interested, though I did dress up, as the Engineer from Team Fortress 2. Though I did end up going to a friends place to watch a movie, one of my friends went home mid movie because he was getting too tired, so in the end we were three people watching Evil Dead 2.

November so far has been ok, though I did catch covid, after that was over I went with my mom, sister, and nephew to a city about 2 hours away, there was no ice or snow in sight there amazingly enough. I did a tiny bit of shopping, we ate dinner at an asian restaurant and man was it good.

Something else

Sometime in October I made a little tune, was just messing around and ended up playing something that I liked. Spent forever trying to think of a name though, but I settled on one in the end.

I call it Cobalt Memories